Christmas pudding cutter set


This item is for a 3D printed cutter set to make your very own Christmas puddings! You will receive a pudding cutter, an icing cutter and a small Holly leaf cutter in this set.


How to make the puddings…..


Roll out your clay and texture it, then use the flower shape cutter to cut out the main body of the pudding. Also cut 1x icing and 3x holly leaves and pop aside.


After tidying the edges with a damp paintbrush or your finger, flip the flower shape over so the texture is on the table. Screw up one sheet of kitchen roll into a ball and place in the middle of the flower. (This will support the pudding as it dries.)


If you wish to add a light inside the pudding the chop off one of the ‘petals’ so there is a gap.


Bring up one petal so the end is in the middle. Score and slip the tip and bring up the next petal and lay the tip on top of the first one. Squeeze them together so they hold in place. Repeat with all petals until your pudding is made. Score and slip the under side of the icing and pop on top, ensuring you seal around the edges. Score and slip your holly leaves and place where you want them on top and the add (scored and slipped) tiny balls of clay as berries on top. Ta-dah!


This cutter is printed in PLA filament. This item is not food safe. The photo of the bisque item is for inspiration only, this listing is for the 3D printed cutter for you to make the bisque pieces yourself.


The colour of your cutters may vary at any time and may be different from that shown in the photo.

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This listing is for an item(s) that is printed with PLA filament using a 3D printer.  The photos alongside the main photo will show you bisque fired earthenware clay pieces made with the cutters / stamps and also some painted pieces for inspiration.  You will also find extra inspiration in our gallery.  

This item is perfect for making your own bisque to sell in your PYOP studio, for use within a pottery studio, or for your own handicrafts…. the only limit is your imagination!

The colour of your cutters and stamps may vary from those shown in the photograph.

After use, rinse in cool water (never use hot water and do not soak) and dry immediately.  Store in a cool, dry place.  

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