Welcome to Cutters for Clay, a haven for pottery enthusiasts seeking to infuse their work with uniqueness through our bespoke 3D printed cutters and stamps.

Alongside our innovative designs, we offer workshops and online courses. Tailored for any skill level, our resources are crafted to guide you in exploring the vast possibilities of clay.

3d printed cookie cutters, stamps and textured rolling pins for PYOP studios and potters

Our Origins

Cutters for Clay is an online store offering 3d printed cutters and stamps for artists, craftspeople and pottery painting studio owners. We design and make our cutters and stamps so that you can create your very own bisque pieces for your PYOP studio or for your own enjoyment. After running a pottery painting studio for over 8 years we developed a need for more unusual bisque pieces to interest our customers... and ourselves! All of our designs have been created and tested within our PYOP studio and we have brought the very best sellers to you to make for your own customers. They are also very useful to use in clay workshops too!

If you have a design in mind that you would like to see as a cutter or stamp then please contact us so we can discuss creating this for you.

Welcome to Cutters for Clay, the optimal destination for pottery enthusiasts of all ranges who're keen to raise their craft with a hint of creativity and innovation. Our unique on line platform offers an terrific range of bespoke 3d cutters and stamps, meticulously designed to help you add wonderful textures and shapes for your pottery projects. whether you are an artist, a craftsperson, or a pottery portray studio proprietor, our specialised tools are crafted to encourage your inventive journey and enrich your creations.

At Cutters for Clay, we believe in the infinite possibilities clay holds for expression and creativity. that's why, further to our unique selection of cutters and stamps, we're proud to offer an array of workshops and on-line guides. these clay cutting courses are thought out to cater to all, from beginners to advanced, ensuring that everybody can discover improve their pottery skills. Our workshops and courses are designed not only to teach you the technical elements of working with clay but additionally to inspire you to push the bounds of your creativity.

Cutters for Clay was born out of love for pottery and a preference to deliver extra creativity into the sector of ceramic arts. We've had over 8 years running a successful pottery painting studio. Our journey in the studio highlighted a want for greater diversity and range of clay cutting products and clay stamps. pushed by this desire, we launched into designing and manufacturing our very own line of 3-d printed cutters and stamps. each layout we offer has been created with care, examined in our studio, and brought to you after proving to be a favourite amongst our customers.

With Cutters for Clay, your creativity can know no bounds. if you have a unique design in mind for a cutter or stamp, we are more than glad to bring your imagination to existence. Our crew is devoted to participating with you to create custom tools that meet your particular artistic requirements. Let's talk how we are able to make it a reality for you or your pottery studio.

Cutters for Clay is not only a provider of pottery equipment; we're your innovative partner in the journey of exploring the art of pottery. With our bespoke 3d printed cutters and stamps, comprehensive workshops, and bespoke services, we're here to support your endeavors. be part of our network of pottery and clay lovers today and begin infusing your art with the creativity and specialty that Cutters for Clay can provide.

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